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Learn to regenerate and rejuvenate yourself with creative, healing, joyful energy with Lance Thurston's 20 minute guided healing energy meditation!

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Lance Thurston's Guided Healing Meditation on CD


Learn to run your own surplus of creative, joyful, healing energy to support, nurture, cleanse and refresh YOU in 20 minutes! 

Remove negative energy in your space that is not yours! Drain stress and tension from every cell in your body! Feel every particle of your body being illuminated from within as you over-flow with creative, healing, joyful energy! 

Fill yourself up with the energy to REGENERATE, to REJUVENATE, to RECREATE yourself in your own TRUE image NOW with Lance Thurston's guided HEALING MEDITATION!

Download Terms: Lovability, Anger, Healing Meditation audio sessions are copyrighted and are for personal use only. They are not for resale.  Disclaimer: These audios are not meant to diagnose, treat medical problems or to be used as a substitute for medical treatment, counseling or mental health services. 

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 "Learn to regenerate and rejuvenate yourself with creative, healing, joyful energy now!" Lance's Thurston's HEALING MEDITATION now available on audio CD at 
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"Learn to regenerate and rejuvenate yourself with creative, healing, joyful energy now!"

- Lance Thurston



"I listen to this whenever I just want to kick back and treat myself to a 20 minute mental, emotional, spiritual cleaning... it's like a spa for the spirit!"

"A very creative multi-purpose CD! Calms me down when I am stressed and perks me up when I'm feeling drained!"

"Wow! Rotor rooter for a clogged head! I listened to your CD and cleared out a ton of other people's "you shoulds" from my mind! And away goes other people's energies down the drain!"

"I got this when I was at a point in my life when I was feeling very low self-esteem. I listened to this tape once a day for about 2 weeks and within about a week people started to notice the change and commented on how I seemed more together, happier for some reason. I was smiling again! I now listen to the CD "as-needed" whenever I need a boost! THANKS SO MUCH!

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Lance Thurston talks about his work with NLP, Parapsychology and his success reframing emotions such as anger and lovability. A must listen for anyone interested in Lance's Guided Audio Sessions.

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