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"Emotional overwhelm equals paralysis but, you can (with help) conquer overwhelm. "

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Since we are Logical, intelligent people, we try to solve our problems logically. 

The trouble is that most problems are not logical but emotional.

Trying to solve emotional problems such as Anger, Shame, Guilt, Abandonment, Rejection, Fear of Power, Success, etc. logically is likely not even possible.

Emotions and Logic are like two different languages. My belief is that Emotions are our body's original language; beginning even in the womb...

We receive 60% of our basic personality during those 9 months and on the day of birth we first learn about breathing, eating, touch, change of temperature, others and much more.  
By the time we are 2 1/2, we had 85% of our personality, and we still don't have a developed brain.  
Around the age of 7 our brain shifts from the emotional language of the child to the adult language around it. However the brain is 98% programmed emotionally already.    

The results are that when we try to connect with our emotional problems we are using the wrong language; Logic. This is similar to reading a French book with a German dictionary.     

Ever notice that the more emotional a person gets, the more childlike they behave?

For example: The angrier a person gets, the more they get red faced and can't talk, just like a baby. That's because they learned anger as a baby. Some people learn Anger in the womb and black
out with extreme Anger, going Berserk.

Why do we get easily overwhelmed because of rejection or abandonment?

Babies are easily overpowered. It's an extension of emotional intelligence. We think that we can control our emotional life using strict discipline, rigid control, logic, Spirituality, etc. Thus cutting off the possibility of using the emotions for fun and profit. You can go to college to learn logic and church or guru to learn spirit, but...

Where do you go to learn how to grow up the emotions?

I've found that a combination of Spirit and N.L.P. can be used to evolve emotions into the adult stage where they can be used to live a Open, Joyful life, without fear.

"The language of your body itself is your emotions."

Many teachers have concentrated on exploring intelligence. Many others work to develop your spirituality. Very rare are those who possess the knowledge and tools needed to help you to develop your emotions. When Spirit wishes to
communicate with intelligence, it must go through the body that your intelligence is housed in.

The language of your body itself is your emotions. If your emotions are negative or confused, then so is the Spiritual message distorted. Clear, clean emotions let the Spiritual messages go through accurately, correctly.

ANGER, SHAME and FEAR control our
unconscious behavior and force us to sabotage ourselves and our relationships.

How many times have you heard people say, "I didn't mean to hurt you." or "I don't know why I do these things." or "I can't stop doing that." or "Why can't I seem to get anywhere?"

"The 98% Solution"

Psychologist believe that we only use perhaps 2 percent of our potential brain power. The other 98 percent is hidden in our subconscious FEELINGS, EMOTIONS, and INSTINCTS. 

The subconscious out numbers the intellect by
50 to 1. 

Guess who wins?

That 98% of your mind is in control and you've never learned to communicate with it properly. That means that thinking your way out of an emotional problem may not even be possible.

It also means that any changes made in the
subconscious would be at least 50 times more powerful than thinking. Positive feelings, based on reality, are far more effective than positive thinking.

The attitudes, feelings, knowing, values that you have, were learned the first few years of your life. 
They shaped your unconscious mind, and your unconscious mind shaped your life. You are at the mercy of unconscious beliefs that you aren't
even consciously aware of. As we used to say: "LOTSA LUCK!"

How can you get in touch with feelings that you first learned as a baby?

Only recently has research begun to uncover ways to consistently, correctly work with the subconscious mind. 

It is now possible to effectively and safely enter into your unconscious mind and uncover the REAL reasons why your life is the way it is. 

I use the latest, most effective ways to show you how to get in touch with the real designer of your life, your unconscious mind, to heal and transform your emotions into wonderful, joyful tools that you can use to lead your REAL happy life.

As I wrote above, this is my belief!  I might be wrong, but as long as I have close to 100% success in a session, I'll keep on using it.

- Lance Thurston

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"Emotional overwhelm equals paralysis but, you can (with help) conquer overwhelm. "

"Emotions are not logical, therefore cannot be changed logically. I've found a blend of Spirituality, Intuition and Logic can gently transform negative emotions to positive."

-  Lance Thurston

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