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I spent more than 50 years searching, reading, and experimenting on both psychic and psychological theories.
My goal is to drive the world sane!

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My goal is to drive the world sane! - Lance Thurston

Lance Thurston, Certified Neuro-linguistic
Metaprogrammer and Psychic Minister, was born January 31, 1935 in Pueblo, Colorado.

Lance spent the first 6 months of his life in a mining camp at an altitude of 12,000 feet. His father became a construction worker and by the time Lance was 2 years old, he had been through 22 states riding in the back of a model T Ford. Lance became immune to motion and altitude sickness.  

Moving to San Francisco, the family split up. Lance's father joined the Merchant Marines during World War 2. He lived but never came back.  Lance's mother worked 2 jobs to support the family and at age ten, Lance landed his first job selling papers at the corner of 7th and Fulton in San Francisco.

In college, Lance studied psychology and speech. He entered the U.S. Army in 1955 becoming a newsreel cameraman and audio recording engineer stationed in Germany.

Returning to the states, Lance became a private ambulance driver attendant. In four years of ambulance work, not a single life was lost in his ambulance. 

Shortly after, Lance launched a creative career selling his own handcrafted jewelry and sculpture in Ghiradelli Square.

After 20 years of selling his creations at Arts fairs all over the country, Lance needed a new challenge.  

In the early eighties (thirty years after he first became interested in Parapsychology), Lance enrolled at the Berkeley Psychic Institute.

Pic of Lance's Aura

Lance graduated a minister from B.P.I. and joined their teaching staff. Having progressed as far as possible at the Institute, Lance went out on his own.  

Lance discovered that around 30% of his clients were making real life changes in only one reading. The other 70% were only getting good "information" from their reading. Although these success percentages were considered to be above average, Lance was dissatisfied and psychically called out for help.

Lance then discovered and began to study the new, very effective discipline, Neuro-linguistic Psychology. 

In classes composed of doctors, psychologists, social workers and CIA agents, Lance became a Certified Neuro-linguistic Metaprogrammer. 

Lance then successfully integrated the dynamics of Parapsychology and Neuro-linguistic Psychology creating "Psychic Psychology"

An excellent communicator, Lance was popular at many levels due to his extremely diverse range of information, skill in understanding and ability to empathize - without judgment or criticism.

Enthusiastic and happy in his work... Lance was continually seeking more effective techniques to enable people to attain a greater level of happiness and satisfaction. 

Lance always looked for new outlets for self - expression, and opportunities to broaden his base of reference.
Pic of Lance at live call-in Psychic Psychology radio show

In addition to private consultations, lectures on
various New Age topics, and Lance's "Psychic Psychology" radio show on KEST 1450 AM (hear clips!), Lance was also producer / host of "Psychic Psychology," a weekly community cable T.V. show on Alameda channel 3. Lance interviewed interesting and varied guests in a talk-show, phone-in format, on topics ranging from psychology to metaphysics.  

Logo for Psychic Psychology TV Show
Like all artists, Lance was a little eccentric. He wore bright Hawaiian shirts and shorts. He'd tell you that bright colors create / attract positive energy and open up an inner vision. Bare arms, bare legs, bare skin can learn to attract life energy... Mana, Prana, Chi, Qi, God's breath... whatever you wish to call it.  

May we remain inspired and blessed always by the light, spirit, example, teaching, and gratitude that Lance brought to each endeavor and relationship.  

Lance has helped people to find a happier, truer path 
through his readings, consultations, workshops and lectures on how to turn one's life into a joyful journey.  

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Sailor Moon - One of Lance's favorite anime

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"I spent more than 50 years searching, reading, and experimenting on both psychic and psychological theories.

I was looking to solve my own unhappiness. Nothing really worked for long. Too many psychological barriers to overcome. I then studied and became a good Psychic reader. I helped many, but not everyone.
Then I studied Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and for the first time had a consistent way to remove people's blocks to success.

Over the course of 25 years I developed a super powerful yet simple system called "Psychic Psychology."

- Lance Thurston 

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